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How to maintain your current workers' compensation insurance

Mar 31, 2015 Posted by Kyle Howes

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How to maintain your current workers' compensation insurance

Maintenance of your Workers' Compensation is not a choice for Australian employers; under occupational health and safety (OHS) and work health and safety (WHS) laws, it's a legal obligation...and one designed to protect both employees and your business from potential harm.
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Am I still responsible for WHS at work functions

In the past, we’ve examined the breadth of WHS obligations that you, as an employer, need to consider when it comes to protecting the employees and contractors in your care on the construction site. That said, many employers remain unsure about their responsibilities within the grey area of work-rel...
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How to ensure your business is compliant under the Fair Work Act

In it’s entirety, the Fair Work Act is a hefty and complex legal code — and one that can be difficult for employers (especially small businesses) to interpret. So without first obtaining a law degree, how can you be sure that your businesses is complying with best practice under the Commonwealth Gov...
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How wall protection systems help to minimise damage, promote public safety and save money

Protective wall systems such as hand rails, bump rails, illuminated railing, corner guards and wall protection sheeting are designed to preserve the integrity and appearance of surfaces exposed to high traffic movement, where scuffing and damage to walls and corners is likely to occur. 
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Hospitality construction — 4 things to consider for Pedestrian Safety

Hospitality environments such as bars, restaurants, cafes and hotels create unique design challenges for architects and builders, as they strive to balance public safety with the functionality and appearance of a venue. Apart from the standard building codes and regulations applicable to hospitality...
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OHS checklist for employees and contractors in your care during commercial construction

Extensive health and safety regulations and codes of practice apply to the commercial construction industry — arguably more so than any other field of work in Australia. For building owners, designers and site supervisors/managers, this regulatory environment can be a minefield to navigate.
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