11 Reasons Why Architects, Builders and Flooring Professionals Prefer Latham Stair Tread Nosings
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11 Reasons Why Architects, Builders and Flooring Professionals Prefer Latham Stair Tread Nosings

Jan 29, 2024 Posted by Steve Wickens

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Created: Dec 12, 2023; Published: Jan 16, 2024

11 Reasons Why Architects, Builders and Flooring Professionals Prefer Latham Stair Tread Nosings

Whenever you are in a public area, the chances are you will encounterstair tread nosings. They are installed for safety and visibility, as well as to protect stairs from damage. Latham Stair Tread Nosings have been the preferred choice of architects, flooring professionals and building managers for ...
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Created: Jun 7, 2023; Published: Jul 11, 2023

How you can be confident in the performance of an expansion joint cover

In construction, expansion joints are a gap between two adjacent structural elements or materials and are designed to accommodate the movement of these elements caused by thermal expansion, contraction, seismic activity, vibrations, or other factors.
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Created: May 22, 2023; Published: Jun 22, 2023

That’s not our product!

What if you went to the movies, sat down in the exact cinema specified on the ticket and they showed a differentpicture? Or if your favourite cake recipe asked for two bananas but your friend made the cake with carrots? Ludicrous, but not impossible, right? It’s just substitution of one thing for an...
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Created: Jan 23, 2023; Published: Mar 20, 2023

Do I need stair nosings in my building?

One of the most common questions fielded by the technical team at Lathams is 'Do I need stair nosings in my building?'. In this article, we'll endeavour to provide some clarification and guidance. The first reference point is AS1428.1. This is a set of design guidelines for accessibility and mobilit...
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Created: Dec 14, 2022; Published: Dec 19, 2022

Carbon Footprint – Latham - Tread Lightly

When you specify Latham products for inclusion in your project, you do it because you know that they will deliver years and years of service. Clearly, you are focused on the future.
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Created: Nov 23, 2022; Published: Nov 30, 2022

Did you know that Latham manufacture dock bumpers?

A loading dock connects the storage area of a warehouse or industrial building to the area where goods vehicles are loaded and unloaded.
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Created: Aug 26, 2022; Published: Sep 5, 2022

Lathamgrate™ Range – Contemporary Appearance and Outstanding Performance

Drainage and water management is a critical consideration in construction. Commonly used for the rapid evacuation of surface water, a trench drain is characterised by its long length, a channel-shaped body and a grating that is flush with the adjoining surface.
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Created: Jun 6, 2022; Published: Jun 14, 2022

Stand By Your Plan

Engaging a professional at all stages of design is a sure sign that you want the best for your project. You select the architect and their design team to ensure the highest possible standard for the building and the finishes.
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Created: Apr 28, 2022; Published: May 30, 2022

What Are The Keys to Successful Installation of Latham’s Stair Tread Nosings?

Latham Australia has almost 70 years of manufacturing experience, which truly makes Latham the expert in floor safety and movement control products.
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Created: Apr 28, 2022; Published: May 24, 2022

Can I Use Tactile Indicators on Stairs?

A popular misconception about tactile indicators is that they are used to create a slip resistant surface before a potential hazard, and often results in the belief that tactile indicators can be used for slip resistance on stairs.
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Created: Mar 14, 2022; Published: Apr 5, 2022

Expansion Joints - The Invisible Heroes of your Building

Buildings are designed to allow movement in response to various forces including thermal expansion and contraction, long-term shrinkage of structures and, in some cases, seismic activity.
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Created: Feb 20, 2022; Published: Apr 21, 2022

How to Maximise the Working Life of Your Stair Tread Nosing

1. Select a Stair Nosing that is Appropriate for the Environment Where it is To Be Installed Assess the type and volume of foot traffic and whether the nosing will be exposed to trolleys or other equipment. A lightweight profile in a high traffic area will wear quickly and result in a short lifespan...
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