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Lathamgrid Grid Mats & Frames


Latham's Aluminium and Brass Grid Mats are Ideal for Any Access Area


The aluminium and brass serrated tee bars as standard are 9.5mm wide and are installed at 13mm centres. The small gap between each of the tees provides a visually appealing product and allows dirt, dust and water to be trapped at the base of the grid, preventing the tracking of material or water onto floor surfaces. The grids can then be easily vacuumed to remove any buildup of dirt or debris.

The narrow 3.5mm spacings between the tees are designed not to interfere with traffic movement over the system and it is recommended that all Lathamgrid grid mats be installed with the longitudinal bars left to right across the doorway as shown below.


Slip Resistance Testing
All Latham’s aluminium and brass grids and grates have been independently tested by a NATA approved laboratory in accordance with AS/NZS 4586:2004 Slip Resistance Classifications of New Pedestrian Surface Materials. Under this testing criteria, all Latham’s grids and grates achieve a wet dry classification of VF. A copy of the full test results is available by contacting Latham Australia.
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