What matters to buyers of Stair Tread Nosings
03 Jun

What matters to buyers of Stair Tread Nosings

Steve Wickens

When a flooring project requires the installation of stair tread nosing, there are a range of factors that drive decision-making. In this article we explore some of the critical factors that influence buying decisions. 

Certainty of compliance with standards and building code

Compliance with an Australian Standard is not enforced or monitored in Australia and a buyer should beware that the product may be sold with unsubstantiated claims of compliance.Re-sellers of imported product often rely on assurances of compliance from the manufacturer but with little influence over manufacturing, testing, or quality control, or failure to pay attention to evolving and updated standards, their compliance is not a ‘given’.   

It is important to differentiate between compliance and quality. Compliance does not mean identical engineering, materials, design and manufacturing, and there are vast differences in quality, reliability and performance between seemingly compliant products.   



The metal profile is the workhorse of the nosing. The quality of the profile must be commensurate with the intended use and duty cycle. A light-duty profile will not endure in a heavy-duty environment. The profile is secured to the stair tread and must not warp, loosen, and lift with the anticipated wear or a stair safety product will itself become a safety hazard. 

The profile is a mount for the abrasive, non-slip strip or insert. The insert must be robust enough to maintain its non-slip and luminance contrast properties over many years of service. A light-duty self-adhesive strip might look the part when new but will quickly deteriorate with wear, losing both its non-slip and luminance properties. 

Premature failure of the stair tread nosing will result in expensive and disruptive repair or replacement, let alone open the contractor and/or client up to legal action in the event of a pedestrian slip, trip or fall.

Reflect the aesthetic that you wish to achieve

7-stack-full-abrasive-treads-flattenedWith the required luminance contrast, stair tread nosing is intended to be conspicuous but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on aesthetics. Rather than having to accept whatever product a supplier has in stock, architects and building managers should be able to specify precisely what they want. 

A warranty you can rely on

Not all terms and conditions in a warranty are the same, and it pays to read the fine print. A manufacturer or re-seller of substandard nosing may offer a warranty that reduces (or eliminates) the capacity of a client to make a warranty claim. Latham has 70 years of engineering and manufacturing excellence in Australia, and we are proud to stand by our warranty. 

On demand support and adviceOn demand support and advice

With so many product options available, it is essential to get the right advice to make informed decisions about compliance, product selection, and installation. Only when you work with an experienced supplier of properly designed, high quality products will you get the range, resources, and technical awareness of in-house engineers to ensure you get the perfect product.

Inventory and availability to minimise project risk

Only a local manufacturer with a substantial inventory can manufacture a wide range of options to order that specifically accommodate the design, compliance, aesthetic needs, and timelines of the project. Businesses that supply cheap imported product often have limited choices, limited in-stock positions and very long lead times falling outside of these restrictions. Don’t be misled - only Lathams' offer the genuine Made in Australia advantage and always-in-stock availability.

Australian made

Australian-Made-full-colour-logoBuying Australian-made products is critical to the economic development and prosperity of our nation as it creates local jobs, boosts the economy, and supports the local community.  

Latham is a proud 4th generation, family owned and operated Australian manufacturing business. Our loyal team have many years of service and have collectively worked on tens of thousands of projects on behalf of our clients, meaning that experience and ‘sunk knowledge’ is shared across the business for the benefit of our clients. 


Latham Australia has been manufacturing compliant, premium quality products at its Gladesville manufacturing facility in Sydney for over 70 years. Our expert team have been adapting designs and evolving products in response to changing industry standards and client needs. With reliable supply chains and enviable on-site inventory, Latham manufacture to order Australia’s widest range of Stair Tread Nosing. Supported by a team of technical experts and clear warranties, Latham minimise supply and project risk for their clients. Latham Stair Tread Nosing range is the preferred choice for architects and builders seeking the most trusted construction products on the market. 

To find out more about Latham products, please visit www.latham-australia.com. To talk to a Latham product expert, call 1300 LATHAM (528 426) or email sales@latham-australia.com. 


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