What matters to buyers of Stair Tread Nosings
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What matters to buyers of Stair Tread Nosings

Jun 3, 2024 Posted by Steve Wickens

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Created: May 24, 2024; Published: May 29, 2024

What matters to buyers of Stair Tread Nosings

When a flooring project requires the installation of stair tread nosing, there are a range of factors that drive decision-making. In this article we explore some of the critical factors that influence buying decisions.
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Created: Dec 12, 2023; Published: Jan 16, 2024

11 Reasons Why Architects, Builders and Flooring Professionals Prefer Latham Stair Tread Nosings

Whenever you are in a public area, the chances are you will encounterstair tread nosings. They are installed for safety and visibility, as well as to protect stairs from damage. Latham Stair Tread Nosings have been the preferred choice of architects, flooring professionals and building managers for ...
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Created: May 22, 2023; Published: Jun 22, 2023

That’s not our product!

What if you went to the movies, sat down in the exact cinema specified on the ticket and they showed a differentpicture? Or if your favourite cake recipe asked for two bananas but your friend made the cake with carrots? Ludicrous, but not impossible, right? It’s just substitution of one thing for an...
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Created: Apr 18, 2023; Published: Jun 16, 2023

We're a workshop, not a shop

Latham Australia design and manufacture the highest quality flooring and safety enhancement products. More than 90% of our sales are custom made to order, from our extensive range of styles, using the experience of over 70 years in the business.
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Created: Mar 31, 2023; Published: Apr 12, 2023

There is strength in numbers

Here at Latham Australia, we have 70 years of experience designing and manufacturing the highest quality flooring and safety enhancement products. This experience means that we well and truly understand our market and our manufacturing processes. When it comes to sourcing materials, maintaining stoc...
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Created: Nov 23, 2022; Published: Nov 30, 2022

Did you know that Latham manufacture dock bumpers?

A loading dock connects the storage area of a warehouse or industrial building to the area where goods vehicles are loaded and unloaded.
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Created: Nov 15, 2022; Published: Nov 17, 2022

What exactly does ‘Quality’ mean for you? 

Latham Australia is widely known and respected as a long-established local manufacturer of “high quality architectural fittings”.
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Created: Oct 17, 2022; Published: Oct 26, 2022

Expansion Joints in ceramic tile, natural stone and reconstituted stone floors and pavements

The Australian Standard defines expansion joints as: “...Discontinuities in the tiled surface, filled with permanently deformable material, which are intended to perform the following functions:
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Created: Sep 12, 2022; Published: Sep 20, 2022

Working with you - to meet your needs

Because Latham Australia is a local manufacturer, one of the best things about working with us is that when you have a special need for something that is new, different or unique, Lathams will help you meet your exact needs.
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Created: Jul 11, 2022; Published: Jul 25, 2022

Wall Protection Systems – The Innovation and Quality You Expect from Lathams

In busy environments such as healthcare, hospitality or education settings, areas defined by internal walls typically house a lot of furniture and equipment, experience heavy foot traffic and are highways for wheeled equipment such as trolleys and patient transport.
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