Factors That May Affect Specification of Entrance Mats
21 Mar

Factors That May Affect Specification of Entrance Mats

Dane Latham

Effective entrance matting is essential for removal of dirt and moisture from the feet of pedestrians and the wheels of mobile equipment entering a building. Effective removal of dirt and moisture reduces the likelihood of slip hazards, reduces cleaning and maintenance costs, and maintains the appearance and aesthetics of internal floors. A high performing and durable entrance mat system generates a compelling return on investment. 

Volume and type of traffic

Surface Mounted Entry Mat in a Residentual Application 2-2Volume of traffic is the most important factor when considering the type, durability, and performance of entrance matting. Traffic will not be solely pedestrian footfall and may include wheeled traffic such as trolleys and wheelchairs. Major transport hubs may have hundreds of thousands of visitors every day and a large commercial office may have 40-60,000. 

External factors 

How exposed is the entrance to the elements? Is the entrance directly exposed to rain and dust accumulation? Is there an external canopy? If so, what is the position and size of the canopy and how much protection does it afford? How effective is the external drainage and how quickly is surface water removed from the entrance area? Are there areas of loose aggregate or soil nearby such as nature strips that pedestrians may cross before entering the building? 

Internal factors 

What is the door type? Sliding doors expose the entrance to outside air and moisture that may affect entrance mat performance. Revolving doors are effective at blocking outside air and moisture and, as pedestrians typically take several small steps in the door, their presence can be effective at removing dirt and moisture. The concentrated traffic in the revolving door typically requires a more durable and higher performance mat. 

What is the floor surface beyond the entrance mat? Hard and polished surfaces must be kept dry to prevent slip hazards and if not kept clean will quickly deteriorate. Soft surfaces must be kept free from dirt and moisture. 

Zonal approach 

Zone 1 is the exterior entrance immediately outside the building. If this area is protected from the elements by a canopy, it is an ideal area for a first line of defence, with a carpet type matting to scrape off dirt and moisture before entering the building. If it is not a covered area there is likely a calling for an abrasive style entrance mat that provides a high level of slip resistance(particularly in poor weather conditions) whilst also helping to drain water and dirt away from the feet of pedestrians.

Zone 2 is the interior entrance immediately inside the building. By the time they exit this zone, shoes and wheeled equipment should be moisture and dirt free. Under these circumstances a carpet based entry mat would be appropriate under most circumstances to complete cleaning underfoot.

Entrance mat contact time 

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To achieve effective dirt and moisture removal, contact time with the mat is crucial, and a minimum of two footfalls is recommended. Noting however that a single rotation of a wheelchair wheel is 2.1m, this is the minimum width requirement for an entrance mat.  

Independent studies have demonstrated that 6 metres is the optimum length of entrance flooring matting, and this can be achieved by combining mats from the two zones.  


Latham is a third-generation Australian family-owned business that has been manufacturing premium quality and high-performance dirt control entry mats in Sydney for 70 years.  

Whether you’re looking for a mat for a new building or a replacement mat in an existing building, the unsurpassed quality and durability of a Latham Entrance Mat will ensure performance and peace of mind for years to come. 

Latham products are exported to Great Britain, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the Pacific Region. The name Latham is synonymous with quality and Latham have been the recipient of over 30 awards including numerous Australian Design Awards. Latham products can be found in many prestigious buildings around the world including the Sydney Opera House and the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. 

To find out more about Latham products, please visit www.latham-australia.com. To talk to a Latham product expert, call 1300 LATHAM (528 426) or email sales@latham-australia.com. 


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Dane Latham

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