Why the Profile and Infills Matter When Specifying Entrance Mats
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Why the Profile and Infills Matter When Specifying Entrance Mats

Jan 2, 2023 Posted by Adam Latham

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Created: Nov 22, 2021; Published: Dec 10, 2021

What is the Difference Between Latham’s Control Strips and Expansion Joint Covers?

Latham Australia is the expert in floor movement control and safety products. Many people will have seen our products, but may not know what the various types are and what they are used for. Let’s explore the range.
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Created: Nov 12, 2021; Published: Dec 14, 2021

Why the Profile and Infills Matter When Specifying Entrance Mats

You won’t be surprised to hear it, but not all entrance mats are the same. Even within the broad range of styles available in Latham Australia’s high quality entrance mats, different combinations are recommended for different situations. It pays to be aware of the potential varieties - so that you c...
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Created: Nov 8, 2021; Published: Nov 19, 2021

What if the Abrasive Strip in a Stair Nosing Failed?

Stair Tread Nosings are a commonly used safety feature of steps and stairs in many styles of buildings, from offices to theatres, from town halls to universities, as well as public spaces. The nosings are designed to maintain the stairs in peak condition for safety and visibility as well as to prote...
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Created: Nov 2, 2021; Published: Nov 5, 2021

Latham – Compliant and Conforming Product to Eliminate Certification Risk

Australian Standards set out specifications, procedures and guidelines that aim to ensure products, services, and systems are safe, consistent, and reliable.
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Created: Oct 28, 2021; Published: Oct 29, 2021

Do Cheap Entrance Mats Cost You More in the Long Run?

Studies have shown that as much as 80% of the dirt and debris that enters a building comes through the front door on the shoes of building occupants and visitors. Because of this, buildings have entrance mats. The purpose of entrance matting is threefold: To scrape shoes and trap dirt To dry shoes T...
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Created: Oct 13, 2021; Published: Oct 14, 2021

Not all products that comply with a standard are made to the same quality

The Australian construction environment is a complex regulatory ecosystem. There are numerous standards that must be met for products, and ultimately whole buildings or projects, to achieve certification and completion. Just what does it mean for a product to be compliant with a standard? Is that th...
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Created: Oct 7, 2021; Published: Nov 25, 2021

Understanding Luminance Contrast and Compliance in Stair Tread Nosing

Whenever you are in a public area, the chances are you will encounter Stair Tread Nosings. They are installed for safety against slipping, and for improved visibility to assist the vision-impaired, as well as to protect the stairs from damage. In order to ensure fitness for purpose, there are import...
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Created: Sep 28, 2021; Published: Sep 29, 2021

How do I specify the right Stair Tread Nosing?

There are many features of Stair Tread Nosings that will influence the specific product for your site. Latham Australia has the widest range and variety and while our expert team of engineers are happy to answer any query you have, here is some good background information to get you started.
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Created: Nov 12, 2020; Published: Aug 4, 2021

Access-ability: how can accessibility be improved in building design?

2020-21 has been a turning point for the construction industry. The global pandemic, combined with a looming deadline to reverse the effects of climate change, have forced us to completely rethink how we design our built environment to better manage infectious diseases and create a more sustainable ...
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Created: Jun 3, 2020; Published: Jun 10, 2020

What’s the true cost of importing products from overseas?

For many manufacturers, imported products are a way to reduce costs without reducing productivity. However, the real cost of importing products from overseas might be more than you think.
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Created: Jun 1, 2020; Published: Jun 5, 2020

Architecture changes post-pandemic

Every industry has been dramatically transformed by COVID-19, and architecture is no exception. Over the past couple of months, we’ve spent more time indoors than ever before. This period of sheltering-in-place will have a lasting impact on the way we design, transform, and shape the world around us...
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Created: Apr 29, 2020; Published: May 6, 2020

How Can I Help? Australian Construction and Architecture in Uncertain Times

As our industry continues to change and transform over the course of the most recent global events; the way we approach work, our colleagues and our customers are also changing.
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