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Should you hire overseas contractors in 2018?

May 11, 2017 Posted by Dane Latham

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Should you hire overseas contractors in 2018?

At Latham we’ve had the good fortune of having all of our stair and flooring product manufacturing needs met by Australian workers. However, some organisations in the construction and manufacturing industries don't have the same luxury, with many facing constant skill shortages and budget constraint...
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Building hype: 2018’s biggest construction trends

With rapid advancement of technology across all sectors, an increased focus on sustainability and changes to the contractor hiring landscape, 2018 is set to be a year filled with opportunities and innovations. We’ve rounded up 6 exciting building and construction trends to keep an eye on this year –...
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Attention architects! Try these 5 ways to nail a new client meeting

To create great buildings, architects need great clients. That's why your first meeting with a potential client as an architect is crucial.
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Time management tips for architects on a tight deadline

Imagine you’re preparing for a major client presentation tomorrow and you know you’ve got a late, caffeine-fuelled night ahead. Burning the midnight oil can be inevitable to meet tight deadlines but effective time management can minimise the long hours and stress. If you’re juggling multiple project...
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