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VS-VB Series Extra Visual

744VS Extra Visual Nosing

The 744VS Extra Visual is a premium quality, recessed aluminium safety tread, incorporating the Latham 25mm Safety Visual indicator bar, designed to provide a high visual contrast with the surrounding floor finish.
The VS-VB Extra Visual Series features Lathams' Supagrit silicon carbide mineral fill. Select your two contrasting insert colours from the 16 available, as below - to suit any design and deliver the high contrast required.
Lathams' 744VS profile tread can be recessed into new work or existing floor finishes and can also be used with our cast-in WAK wing anchoring system.
Made in Australia, like all Lathams' stair tread products, to maintain the slip resistant, attractive architectural finish while protecting and enhancing the stairs.

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Product Code Metal Type A B C D Template
All dimensions in millimeters
744VS Aluminium 73 37 5 75
template design

Colour range - up to 16 colours available

Special Note

Customers with special applications are invited to discuss them with us. Service Factors must be taken into consideration when selecting stair tread profiles.

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