Curved Stair Treads & Nosings

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Interior & Exterior Application

Positive steps are being taken by leading companies to minimise the risk of accident and injury to personnel. One of the most obvious areas in which risk may be reduced is underfoot.

A number of Latham Asbraloy and Asbrabronz profiles can be curved to convex and concave radii. The actual achievable radius will be dependent on whether the profile is to be curved in a convex or concave fashion and also the material type and profile. 

In general the tightest radius that can be achieved with stair tread nosings and inserts is approximately 1750mm, although this varies from profile to profile and the requirement should be discussed with a Latham representative.

Curved Stair Tread Nosings and Tread Inserts are available in all of the profiles shown below including the surface mounted 834 ST and even some recessed LED Tredlite profiles.

When supplying curved Stair Tread Nosings and Inserts, the profiles can be curved to architectural drawings, or preferably, hard templates should be supplied with the order to ensure the treads or inserts are in accordance with the actual site requirement as opposed to a drawing detail.




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