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Asbrabronz Solid Brass Range

B322S Safety Insert Tread

The B322S is a premium quality, fully recessed solid brass safety tread, to highlight the leading edge of the step or add safe grip to ramps and flat surfaces. It offers an attractive appearance while enhancing pedestrian safety.
Featuring Lathams' Supagrit silicon carbide mineral fill. Available in 16 insert colours, as below - to suit any design and luminance contrast requirements.
Lathams' Safety Treads and Bars are recommended for installation in rebated or preformed grooves in granite, marble, terrazzo, concrete and timber.
The B322S can be curved, either concave or convex. The achievable radius will depend on a number of factors.
Designed to maintain the slip resistant finish, and to provide an attractive architectural solution.

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Product Code Metal Type A B Template
All dimensions in millimeters
B322S Brass 33 5
template design

Colour range

Special Note

Customers with special applications are invited to discuss them with us. Service Factors must be taken into consideration when selecting stair tread profiles.

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