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Tredlite 2 Asbraloy LED Decorative

Tredlite 2 Asbraloy DEC-1005ST

The Tredlite 2 Asbraloy DEC-1005ST is a premium quality, illuminated, surface mounted, aluminium safety tread, which highlights the risers, treads and the front of the bullnose profile, providing confidence and safety for negotiating the stairs in darkened conditions.
The Tredlite 2 Series features Lathams' Supagrit silicon carbide mineral fill. Available in 16 insert colours, as below - to suit any design and luminance contrast requirements.
Lathams' ST series Tredlites are normally installed indoors, and can be used on any flooring finish. They are very well suited for use on carpet in situations such as theatres, cinemas and clubs.
Lathams' Tredlite LED strips come with Warm White light as the standard colour. Other colours are available on request, as below. LED strips are always supplied in multiples of 100mm length. This means that they may be slightly shorter than the width of the stair, without losing any of the illumination effect.

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Product Code Metal Type Lighting Effect A B C D E F G H Template
All dimensions in millimeters
DEC-1005ST Aluminium 53 37 50 98 18 5 18 66
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Colour range

Special Note

Customers with special applications are invited to discuss them with us. Service Factors must be taken into consideration when selecting stair tread profiles.

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