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Asbrabronz Solid Brass Range

B744VSWAK Cast-In Place Nosing

The B744VSWAK is one example of a recessed, cast-in-place solid brass stair tread nosing, using our cast-in WAK wing anchoring system, designed for new applications, delivering pedestrian safety and stair longevity.
Featuring Lathams' Supagrit silicon carbide mineral fill. Available in 16 insert colours, as below - to suit any design and luminance contrast requirements.
Lathams' Cast-in-Place series is designed to be installed in new, wet concrete topping.
The B744VSWAK is suitable for internal or external use.
Designed to deliver a slip-resistant, attractive stair tread nosing. 

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Product Code Metal Type A B C D E Template
All dimensions in millimeters
B744VSWAK Brass 73 37 5 75 25
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Colour range

Special Note

Customers with special applications are invited to discuss them with us. Service Factors must be taken into consideration when selecting stair tread profiles.

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