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The Latham Story

Jan 2, 2023 Posted by Latham Australia

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Created: Sep 20, 2021; Published: Sep 20, 2021

The Latham Story

The Latham Australia story begins in the 1950’s. The business was founded by Mr William Latham and, ever since, has been owned by the one family.
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Created: Mar 29, 2021; Published: Apr 8, 2021

Tax incentives for small trade businesses for 2021 Financial year

With the closing of the 2020/2021 financial year on the horizon, it’s time to educate yourself on the reforms that happened to our tax system before letting the year close out.
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Created: Mar 4, 2021; Published: Mar 8, 2021

Trade admin overload? Save yourself by going paperless (read how)

There’s no two ways about it: paper-based systems in trades businesses lead to double-handling, mistakes and lost time. Unfortunately paper is sometimes unavoidable and you may not be able to fully eliminate it from your trades business operations, and that’s totally fine. The goal should be to cut ...
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Created: Dec 6, 2017; Published: Nov 15, 2017

Study up! 5 steps for tactile indicator stud installation

Tactile indicator studs are an essential tool for ensuring pedestrian safety in busy or slip-prone areas. They also help anyone who is blind or visually impaired to navigate the world; by warning people when they are approaching a hazardous situation, such as stairs or a train platform, as well as p...
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Created: Dec 6, 2017; Published: Oct 12, 2017

Stay grounded: A guide to Australian floor coverings standards

Floor coverings can pose many OH&S risks. Highly polished or slippery floors cause falls in wet weather conditions, reflective surfaces trigger migraines or confusion for those with visual impairments, and poorly secured floor surfaces or obstructions can cause access issues for people with mobi...
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Created: Apr 27, 2017; Published: Apr 28, 2017

5 Timeless Buildings For Architectural Inspiration In 2017

We live in an amazing world. Every day, someone, somewhere, does something inspirational. Art, science, technology and literature — everything is driving forward at an exponential rate. A bright new idea or a creative concept seems to be around every corner.
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Created: Dec 15, 2016; Published: Apr 29, 2017

6 safe design principles to consider for your next project

During the planning, design, and construction phase of any project, safeguarding the property from potential risks is critical to the project’s success.
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Created: Sep 14, 2016; Published: Sep 14, 2016

11 Safety Measures Every Construction Site Should Have In Place

All employers have a responsibility in protecting the health and safety of their staff, regardless of their occupation or industry. For construction workers, who are exposed to high risk environments, there are additional dangers which must be considered.
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Created: Jun 18, 2016; Published: Jun 20, 2016

An Interview with Dane Latham

Meet Dane, the Office Manager at Latham Australia. In this post, Dane talks about the heritage of Latham, his experience growing up in a family business manufacturing world class architectural products, and what his favourite Sydney building is.
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Created: May 25, 2016; Published: May 25, 2016

When is it time to replace your safety stair treads?

A safety stair tread is an essential component to any building exposed to pedestrian traffic. Not only do anti-slip treads and stair tread nosing minimise the risk of pedestrian slips and falls, they help to protect owners, building managers and construction workers from liability in the event of an...
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Created: Apr 22, 2016; Published: Apr 27, 2016

An interview with Adam Latham

Meet Adam, the Sales Manager and Owner at Latham Australia. In this post, Adam talks about his early days growing up in a family business, being an Australian Manufacturer and his personal views on the biggest change in the global construction industry.
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Created: Aug 4, 2015; Published: Jun 17, 2017

Tender loving: how to write a great tender submission

Writing a tender is like writing a job application ― your goal is to convince someone why you are the right person or team to hire. The big difference is that with tender writing, you’re setting your own price for the job. And the amount you quote is going to have a big impact on whether or not you ...
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