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How wall protection systems help to minimise damage, promote public safety and save money

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Protective wall systems such as hand rails, bump rails, illuminated railing, corner guards and wall protection sheeting are designed to preserve the integrity and appearance of surfaces exposed to high traffic movement, where scuffing and damage to walls and corners is likely to occur. 

However, the benefits of these products are further reaching than many customers initially expect. 

Minimising potential damage and maintaining appearance

Protective wall systems and corner guards help to eliminate the risk of serious damage to corners and walls caused by bumps from wheeled traffic like wheelchairs, beds, carts and trolleys. These objects can cause major dents in wall surfaces, resulting in unsightly damage and costly repair. Installation of bump rails, corner guards and wall protection sheeting is a straightforward, low cost measure to preventing damage. More importantly, these products also protect pedestrians from injury caused through contact with unprotected surfaces.

The appearance of high traffic areas will also deteriorate more rapidly than other surfaces due to minor scuffs. Protective wall systems prevent the everyday wear-and-tear resulting from pedestrian movement and scrapes from small objects, improving the longevity of walls.

In addition to minimising damage to surfaces, these wall systems will also protect against chance of snags to personal equipment and clothing — which can often lead to trips and falls.

Improving public safety

Handrails are an effective solution to enhancing public safety in areas with slippery or steep footing, or on flat surfaces where those with vision impairment or disability may require extra support. By reducing the likelihood of accidents or injury, handrails also lower the risk of litigious action against building owners as a result of mishaps.

Illuminated hand and bump rails offer additional safety benefits by increasing visibility in areas of pedestrian thoroughfare, and are particularly useful in areas with low lighting such as bars, nightclubs or restaurants. Latham’s range are remotely dimmable; adaptable to any time of day or differing light conditions.

Handrails are subject to a number of regulatory building standards and in many cases are required by law.

Absorbing shock

Apart from protecting against scuffs or damage and improving public safety, hand and bump rails also serve the purpose of absorbing shock in a wall due to impact with an external object. For instance, Latham's bump rails are specifically designed to distribute impact load across wider distances, absorbing shock and minimising harm to wall fixings and impacting objects.

Reducing long-term costs

Dents and blemishes in walls or corners are common, but they're costly to fix — especially in high traffic environments where damage occurs frequently. Fortunately, these costs are easy to avoid through the implementation of a protective wall system.

Wall protection sheeting is an attractive means of covering surfaces most frequently exposed to pedestrian traffic and movement of objects. Like a second skin, it’s hard wearing, durable and easy to clean — so dirt and scuff marks can be removed with minimal effort — while still complementing existing decor. By investing in wall protection sheeting or other wall protection systems, the long term costs of ongoing repair, repainting or the replacement of surfaces can be avoided.

Examples of buildings that can benefit from protective wall systems

  • Hospitals and nursing homes — to minimise damage caused by bumps from trolleys, mobile beds, medical equipment and wheelchairs. Also provides safety-enhancing infrastructure throughout passageways and corridors — particularly in environments where additional precautions are required to accommodate injury, illness or disability.
  • Hospitality — restaurants, bars and hotels can not only avoid the risk of accident/injury and consequential litigation through improving visibility in dim-lit areas, they can minimise scuffs and damage to wall surfaces caused by foot traffic, luggage or food and maintenance trolleys.
  • Gyms — protect surfaces from scuffing caused by black rubber (such as barbells and running shoes) as well as damage caused through use of gym equipment. Maintain the longevity of walls exposed to high impact activities such as aerobics and indoor sports.
  • Office and business — maintain a clean and attractive work environment by preserving paintwork and finishes, and reducing cleaning costs.
  • Factories and industrial environments — where practical, hard-wearing, shock absorbing buffers are required for maximum impact protection from machinery.

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