AW-AB Series Super Visual

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Interior & Exterior Application

The Latham Asbraloy Super Visual Range of treads are specifically designed to meet the needs of AS/NZS 4586:2004, AS/NZS 4663:2002, AS/NZS 1428.4:2002, AS/NZS 1428.4.1:2009, AS 1428.1:2001 (AW735 S, AB735 S, AW745 ST, AB745 ST), AS 1428.1:2009 (AW755 S, AB755 S, AW-FA501 S, AB-FA501 S, AW734 ST, AB734 ST, AW-FA711 ST, AB-FA711 ST), AS 1428.2:1992, AS 1428.3:1992 in terms of visual requirements, whilst maintaining the slip resistant architectural finish that is synonymous with the range of Latham Asbraloy and Asbrabronz Safety Stair Tread Nosings.

The products are supplied in specially formulated 20 micron anodised black finish and off white powder coated finish to match the Latham Supagrit Silicon Carbide Mineral Inserts, offering the best pedestrian safety available in a stair tread nosing.

The Latham All Black AB Series is specifically designed to be installed in conjunction with light coloured floor surroundings to emphasize the tread edge, whilst the Latham All White AW Series is specifically designed to be installed in conjunction with dark colour flooring. These treads are specifically designed to achieve the luminance contrast required on the riser and tread, when used in the correct colour configurations.

All Asbraloy and Asbrabronz profiles are supplied factory cut to the site required length (up to 4600mm in one continuous length), complete with countersunk holes, stainless steel or brass screws (depending on the selected section) and plastic plugs. If specified at time of order treads can be supplied in full manufacturing lengths of 4600mm for on site cutting and drilling to suit clients supplied fixings. 
Factory Cutting Tolerance: +0/-3mm. 

Colour Range Slip Resistant Infill
Asbraloy Aluminium Suregrip standard infill colour is sparkling black. Asbrabronz Brass Suregrip standard infill colour is brown. Optional Supagrit infill colours available on request. 

Asbraloy Aluminium profiles are supplied in mill finish. On request profiles can be supplied with a polished bullnose or in clear anodized finish at additional cost. In marine type applications Asbraloy profiles should be specified with 20 micron clear anodised finish. Asbrabronz  Brass profiles are supplied in brush finish. On request Asbraloy and Asbrabronz profiles can be supplied with a polished bullnose.

Screw Fixing Holes
Unless otherwise specified at time of order, holes will be provided in the treads to suit 8 gauge stainless steel or brass screws  at Latham’s standard 250mm centres.  Any special machining, mitering, modifications or alternative hole locations will be carried out at extra cost.

Additional Services and Accessories
Latham Australia offer a range of factory additional products and services to compliment the wide range of Asbraloy and Asbrabronz treads and inserts offered. These include leveling compounds, adhesives, cleaning and maintenance products, cutting wheels, varied fixing accessories, extra chemical resistant inserts, miter and special factory cutting, bevelled edge and much more. Further details are available.

Compliance and Testing Information
The Asbraloy and Asbrabronz range of treads and inserts have undergone rigorous and extensive including slip resistance testing, luminance testing and fire testing. Further details are available.

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