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Mechanical Expansion Joint Covers

Latham manufacture a complete range of expansion joint covers for floor, floor-to-wall, wall, ceiling and roof applications.

In general floor systems are supplied with stainless steel covers or on full aluminium or solid brass construction. This is general an architectural consideration although in some cases heavy applications may require stainless steel covers.

At Lathams, our engineering team has spent decades researching, designing and refining the very highest performing expansion joint covers for constructed surfaces and joinery materials. A wholly Australian owned and manufactured product, the Latham range of has been considered the go-to option for architects and builders who seek the most trusted construction products on the market.

What are expansion joint covers used for?
Expansion joint covers are designed to cover the location that movement is occurring in structures. When a building in constructed it is designed to move as a result of several forces including long-term shrinkage of the structure, thermal expansion and contraction of the structure and in some cases even seismic activity. The expansion joint covers are installed over these areas of movement called expansion joints which are sometimes also referred to as movement joints, structural joints, isolation joints, control joints or seismic joints.

In most cases joints that are in the floor will be replicated up the walls and across the ceiling.  Latham’s mechanical expansion joints are specifically designed to suit the conditions of the Australian environment; accommodating regular thermal contraction and expansion of building materials during seasonal variation. As global temperatures rise and changes to environmental conditions become more extreme, the installation of expansion joints in buildings has become integral to the engineering design of future construction in the Australian landscape.

Product features

Latham’s expansion joint covers can be used for internal and external applications between floor, floor-to-wall, wall, ceiling and roofing surfaces. They accommodate movement caused by environmental conditions as well as pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Latham products are also fire rated to protect against the egress of fire through expansion joints in buildings. Read more on the features of Latham’s expansion joint cover range here.

Latham’s Systems can offer varying directional movement which can be found with all the expansion joint cover information. Latham have implemented a recognisable system to indicate the movement the system offers.

Expansion Joint Covers can be used in a variety of applications, including internally and externally, for pedestrian and vehicular traffic and the systems can be fire rated to stop the egress of fire through the expansion joints in a building. Latham produce details offer easy to understand application reference with each expansion joint covers in our series, which can be found through-out the site.

How do we select a suitable expansion joint cover?
Latham website is equipped with a Product Selection Assistant. which helps come up with a suitable expansion joint cover for a specific application. Information that assists in the selection is criteria like the joint width, floor finish type and depth, anticipated joint movement. This easy-to-follow selection tool will ask you to fill out criteria such as joint width, floor finish type and depth, and anticipated joint movement to identify the most suitable expansion joint cover systems for you.

If you have further questions or would like to chat to a member of the Latham team about selecting a suitable expansion joint, we’d be pleased to help. Either give us a call today or get in touch here.

Our range extends beyond the simple floor applications, with systems designed for floor to wall applications internal walls and ceilings, external walls and roof applications. ensuring all facets of expansion joint cover requirements are accommodated.