How many Latham products are there?
20 Jan

How many Latham products are there?

Adam Latham

After 70 years in business, manufacturing specialised architectural wall and roof fittings, Lathams have invented, perfected, manufactured and supplied many products. Did you ever wonder just how many there are?


Complete control of manufacturing 

People may not realise that because we are totally in control of the process in our factory, we can manufacture almost as many variations of our products as our customers can ask for. This means that after all these years, our product list extends into the tens of thousands – all made here in Australia and all to the same high standard to meet local and overseas conditions. 

Countless product combinations 

While we have only a few key product lines, because of the many ways we can vary them to meet our customers’ needs, it soon multiplies the number of different products we can make.  

As one example, let’s consider our famous Latham Neoprene X-Pansion Tile Strips, used by flooring installers who love their long life and high quality finish. These can come in 4 types of metal for the visible surface – Aluminium, Zinc, Steel and Brass. These can be made with sides in standard width (from 0.7mm to 1.2mm), or in the more robust and prominent 3mm metal. So that’s 4 times 2. 

Then we can make the Neoprene section in 6mm or 12mm, for completely different visual appearances. That’s 4 times 2, times 2. We can make these strips in our 22 standard depths from 4mm to 125mm, to suit the exact depth of tile to be used. So now we are talking 4 times 2, times 2, times 22 varieties of just this one product line. 

Over 20,000 product options 

Not only that, but we offer these Tile Strips in 3 different colours, Black, Grey and Buff. You can see that there are 4 times 2, times 2, times 22, times 3 1,056 different X-Pansion Tile Strips you could choose – and each one would exactly meet your particular needs for the design of the finished floor. That’s just one type of expansion strip, and possibly the shortest list of the lot. Our grand total of individually listed products is well over 20,000 in number! 

If we don’t have it, we’ll make it 

Latham 9.3.22 - FB - 162While we make that many standard products, we also make to order, where a special need exists for a one-off design or a very special finished look. It’s no wonder architects know and love Latham products. 

One example of this is our double and triple neoprene strips, which add both a different look and the ability to absorb far more stress or movement potential. You can clearly see when a Latham double X-Pansion strip has been used – the central metal band is the same width as the sides, because that is how we make them. We don’t just say, “put two regular strips side by side”. 

Lathams have 70 years of experience, not to mention the in-house engineers, to design, test and manufacture new products and we will not put our name on anything that will not perform to our rigorous standards time and time again.

No other supplier of flooring products can match Lathams for variety and specialised products. If there is a product variation that would really suit your design, you only have to ask

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Adam Latham

As the Technical Sales & Product Development Manager at Latham Australia, I am responsible for ensuring that all our products will meet the specified needs of architects and the buildings they design, now and into the future. Along with mentoring and supporting our sales team, I work closely with our factory production team, direct clients and distribution partners to develop new products to satisfy an ever changing market. All in all, my job involves knowing everything there is to know about the Latham products - how we manufacture them, what they are used for and how much our customers know they can rely on them.

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