How these 3 startups are revolutionising the AEC industry
11 Apr

How these 3 startups are revolutionising the AEC industry

Dane Latham

Disruption is a buzzword that clearly sums up how innovators are fundamentally altering products, services and business models. It is a driving factor behind the advancements and improvements in all industries. This got us thinking - what will be the next big game-changer in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry?

It is no secret that professionals working in the AEC industry work well in the Startup space, due to their ability to adapt to change interchangeably whilst still prioritising end goals at the forefront of decisions. Like most industries, the importance of innovation in AEC is becoming paramount, with the influx of new innovations being earmarked to elevate the industry to the nth degree. With that in mind, we’ve collated a few of our favourite startups in the AEC Startup space that we envision to be on that upward trajectory to becoming leaders in advancing the processes, products and services.



"We provide tools to manage building codes, avoid project delays and clarify requirements."

  • UpCode

Incidents, such as the Sydney Opal Tower occurrence in January this year, have highlighted problems in the quality of building work in Australia. Despite having a national consistent building code which references over 100 technical standards approved by the Australia Building Codes Board, challenges remain cognisant. A couple of stark examples include that there is a lack of consistency between building regulations across states and similarly with education for junior builders. The SaaS offering, UpCode, is a simple solution that enables AEC professionals to ensure they are delivering code-compliant buildings. The introduction of cloud-technology to the industry has been a game-changer as professionals no longer need to trawl through pages on the Internet for relevant codes. UpCode ensures there is never a moment of code compliance worry.



"A perspective is worth 1000 words."

  • Archilogic

In project management, a deliverable is defined as a “measurable, tangible, verifiable outcome, result, or item that must be produced to complete a project milestone.” In terms of a well-detailed floor plan deliverable, some factors that must be considered include orientation, accuracy and clarity. Human errors are common and unavoidable, and confusion between architects, builders and customers often delays projects and increases costs. Archilogic is a SaaS offering which helps to  eradicate the fear of key information being missed, misread or forgotten. The ability to digitally share floors plans or updates also means fewer project delays and happier clients! (And, less paper is always a plus for the environment!)


Black Spectacles

"The only place where architects can learn from architects."

  • Black Spectacles

Whilst younger generations demonstrate time and time again that their native technology skills assist in career progress, the clear technological and knowledge gap between tech natives and the older generation creates challenges for information transference. In order for the AEC industry to keep moving forward, there is a need for education and mentorship between professionals, new and old. Black Spectacles are adamant that learning never stops and they have addressed this by creating a space that allows professionals to continue to learn and refresh their skills. By creating this sense of community, Black Spectacles is advancing the AEC industry by providing a chance to stay ahead of the curve and create mentorship relationships.


What’s Next?

So, there you have it, three awesome tech, innovations and Startups to keep your eye on, and perhaps even utilise. With an increase in prosperous cloud-based and SaaS offerings,  It is becoming obvious that the future of the AEC industry is tech based, which is never something to be afraid of - they are simply there to help you improve.

“The definition of an architecture startup has drastically changed over the last few decades. Young enterprises trying to break into the AEC industry today are diverse, working across technologies and scales, and are using innovative business models.”

Lidija Grozdanic from Archipreneaur

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Dane Latham

Dane is Latham’s Administration Manager. For more than 25 years he’s been looking after all things finance, HR, marketing and IT here. As an avid supporter of Australian made and owned products, Dane is most proud of the role that Latham's premium grade products play in iconic Australian buildings like the Sydney Opera House and the MCG, as well as international structures such as the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia.

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