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Latham Tredlite Illuminated Slip Resistant Safety Stair Tread Nosings feature the newest safe low voltage 24V LED lighting technology, which is cheap and efficient to run. For most applications all necessary hardware is supplied, including transformers which will simply plug into a power point.


The standard FL lighting system is installed to create a fan light effect over the risers and treads in darkened conditions, providing confidence and safety for negotiating the stairs.

For the top stair treads, landings and platforms or through-out the staircase, dual purpose Tredlite (TOP) should be considered with the first slip resistant bar in off white colour, designed to emit a low glow lamp effect as well as a fan light effect. The holes are approximately 8mm in diameter and are at approximately 66mm centres.

For further decorative impact, the bullnose of the nosings is available with holes to create a line of light for a powerful visual effect (DEC). When this is being considered it should be specified throughout the entire stairway. The holes are approximately 8mm in diameter and are at approximately 66mm centres.

For the ultimate in lighting affect the (TOP) and (DEC) features have been combined in the (TOPDEC) version, this triple effect system offers the first slip resistant bar in off white colour, designed to emit a low glow lamp effect as well as a fan light effect combined with holes in the bullnose of the nosing to create line of light for a powerful visual effect.

Running costs for the LED Tredlite Illuminated Stair Tread Nosing is negligible and the nosing is functional and decorative in situations such as public buildings, foyers, theatres, clubs, restaurants, grand houses, ships and yachts.

Standard Tredlite nosings are supplied in Asbraloy aluminium mill finish and Asbrabronz solid brass brush finish. Anodised aluminium finish, brush finished aluminium bullnose and polished bullnose for aluminium and brass available on request.

Because the systems are highly specialized they are supplied cut to site required lengths with the Tredlite Lighting installed in the nosing. The LED Tredlite Bulbs are at approximately 17mm centres and will be cut in length multiples of 100mm, to suit the required length. This means that the lit length in the tread will always be slightly shorter than the actual tread nosing to ensure the plugs and mechanisms are encapsulated within the nosing and are not visible. Latham’s recommend the LED’s are wired in parallel and each LED strip light is powered from a main power feed running down 1 side of the treads if possible.

For simple installation, consider using the purpose manufactured Latham Step Link Wiring Saddle Connections and Source Feed Wire Connections. Further details can be found on the Tredlite 2 Accessories page on this web site.

The LED Tredlite Illuminated Stair Tread Nosings are supplied standard with warm white LED lighting source. The light source will be supplied in the full run length required for each individual tread. On request the LED light Insert can be supplied in bright white, red, blue, green or yellow. The power consumption of the system is less than 5 watts per metre of LED lighting. We recommend that a maximum of 20 metres of LED lighting be run from 1 transformer. In applications where treads are large distances apart, additional transformers will be required.

Although the system is suitable for external applications, Latham recommend it only be used in protected external applications since  over time moisture can affect the wiring connections.

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