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Lathamgrate Grates & Frames

Grates, grids and frames

Lathamgrate™ series aluminium and brass trench gratings and frames

Designed and manufactured in Australia

The Lathamgrate™ series of aluminium and brass serrated top trench grates and frames offer a practical and attractive solution to exterior and interior drainage and ventilation issues. The serrated texture provides a functional yet contemporary appearance that complements the architectural designs of today and tomorrow.

The Latham difference

Latham grates and frames are consistently preferred to similar products fabricated from steel, cast iron or plastic, which do not offer the same benefits as those manufactured using aluminium and brass.

Latham’s floor grating bars are set 6.5mm wide and spaced closely together, at 13mm apart. This has several advantages:

  • enhancing pedestrian safety by reducing the possibility of high heels being caught between the bars;

  • concealing the hidden welds holding the systems together, allowing the design to provide rigidity while maintaining a sleek aesthetic;

  • reducing the amount of environmental debris (such as leaves and rubbish) which falls into the drainage system — therefore offering greater protection from blockages; and,

  • limiting the risk of losing small dropped items beneath the grates, such as keys.

Latham’s drain grate covers also offer tremendous flow rates for air and water meaning they are suitable both interior and exterior drainage or ventilation applications.

Most of the Lathamgrate™ range is available for trench widths up 300mm wide as standard. Widths indicated in this catalogue are a guide only and Latham can custom manufacture systems to varying widths.


Lathamgrate™ trench grate, grid and frame systems are supplied in mill finish aluminium or brass. If preferred, aluminium grating can be anodised after production. We also offer alternative finishes such as patination or chroming on request; please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Safety tested and certified

The Lathamgrate™ Longitudinal Series have been tested in accordance with AS/NZS 4586:2004 Slip Resistant Classification of New Pedestrian Surface Materials. Detailed information regarding these results can be found here.

Lathamgrate™ trench grate, grid and frame systems are most commonly designed for pedestrian applications and as such comply with Class A of AS 3996-2006. Some grates can be supplied for household and light duty commercial driveway traffic, and will comply with AS 3996-2006 Class B and C.

All of the Lathamgrate™ series listed in this publication carry load class rating information in accordance with AS 3996-2006. It should, however, be noted that the Standard refers to an excessively large load area in comparison to the size of our grates. As such, the load circle in a number of cases comes into contact with the surrounding floor finish, and will give an unrealistic result for the test. For safety purposes, Latham's have listed these systems to what we feel are more acceptable classifications, rather than the tested outcomes (which indicate that the systems will carry far heavier loads than they have been designed and engineered for).

Additional information

For applications where metal grates and frames are to be installed in direct sunlight, special consideration should be given to the thermal coefficient of linear expansion of the metal. This is approximately 0.25mm per lineal metre of metal, for every 10ºC change in temperature (note that this applies to both aluminium and brass grates).

For example: a 50ºC surface temperature change (from the middle of winter to the middle of summer) would cause a 3 metre grate section to expand by approximately 3.75mm.

All grates will be manufactured slightly under frame size to allow for fitting and removal. When grates are being installed in a long continuous run we recommend that 3-5mm gaps be left between each length.