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50-FTVR & 50-FTWVR (Vinyl)

Light Duty Resilient Expansion Joint Covers - Aluminium for vinyl

Illustrated: 50-FTVR (Vinyl) & 50-FTWVR (Vinyl)
Aluminium Code A B C D E F G Movement Total Available Movement Overall Depth
All dimensions in millimetres. All mechanical expansion joint fixings by others.
50-FTVR 50 48 42 115 3 n/a 20 +/-5mm 10mm 23mm
50-FTWVR 70 45 42 85 3 38 20 +/-5mm 10mm 56mm
The Latham Resilient Surface Mounted Series for vinyl expansion joint covers should be laid on a bedding compound such as Latham Tytred 2, or glued down with Latham Titazel Thixotropic Epoxy Resin Adhesive, both in conjunction with stainless steel screws and plastic plugs or mechanical fixings. The series is supplied in 4000mm lengths and as standard the replaceable synthetic rubber inserts are grey (beige or black can be supplied on request).

The 50-Series joint covers allow a maximum of ±5mm of horizontal movement. These systems are for light duty, low traffic applications only, where limited movement is expected. If high pedestrian traffic is expected or considerable multi directional movement is required an expansion joint cover from one of Latham’s Mechanical Ranges should be considered.

The 50-Series offers the opportunity to use the most similar joint cover in the wall and ceiling to the floor. This is particularly effective when the construction joint forms a square box shape. That means the joint runs across the floor, up both walls and across the ceiling. In this situation the rubber insert can continue around the box.

View and download our data sheets - PDF 50-Series-LDSM_EJC_BTS.pdf 50-FTVR_EJC.dwg 50-FTWVR_EJC.dwg Download our section details - CAD