Cover Plates

Cover Plates

Cover Plates are available in various sizes, profiles and finishes to suit applications where little or no movement is anticipated. The Cover Plates are surface mounted and simply cover the gap or trench in the floor, wall or ceiling to provide an attractive finish. Cover Plates are available in Stainless Steel, Brass, or Aluminium.



Latham’s recommend considering a recessed expansion joint cover that will allow for a more flush cover plate and finish. Please see our Mechanical Expansion Joint Cover page for further details.

Please speak to your Latham technical representative for assistance in specifying and ordering Latham Decks and Cover Plates.


Code Cover Plate Thickness Cover Plate Width Material Finish Length
All dimensions in millimetres. All expansion joint fixings by others.
BD-50* 3mm 50mm Brass Smooth Mill 4000mm
SSD-50 3mm 50mm Stainless Steel Smooth Mill 3050mm
ALD-50* 3mm 50mm Aluminium Ribbed Mill 3050mm
SSD-75 3mm 75mm Stainless Steel Smooth Mill 3050mm
BD-75* 3mm 75mm Brass Smooth Mill 4000mm
ALD-75* 3mm 75mm Aluminium Ribbed Mill 3050mm
BD-100* 3mm 100mm Brass Smooth Mill 4000mm
SSD-100 3mm 100mm Stainless Steel Smooth Mill 3050mm
ALD-100* 3mm 100mm Aluminium Ribbed Mill 3050mm
SSD-125 3mm 125mm Stainless Steel Smooth Mill 3050mm
ALD-125 4mm 125mm Aluminium Ribbed Mill 3050mm
SSD-150 5mm 150mm Stainless Steel Smooth Mill 3050mm
ALD-175 5mm 175mm Aluminium Ribbed Mill 3050mm
BD-200 5mm 200mm Brass Ribbed Mill 4000mm

*Products marked with this code have a thicker section in the centre of the plate. The size of this centre thickener section is approximately 12mm wide x 2mm deep. Material can be factory drilled and fixings can be supplied at additional cost if required.

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