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Latham Asbra Titazel ST is a commercial application heavy duty slip resistant trowelable resin abrasive granule for floor surfacing, tread surfacing and tread bars. It is supplied standard in Suregrip Sparkling Black, with the option, at additional cost, for other colours.

The recently updated AS 1428.4-2009 indicates a strip of contrast colour 50mm-75mm wide be applied to the edge of the tread with a maximum set back of 15mm. It should be noted when using Asbra Titazel ST that damaged or cracked concrete floors should be repaired before application.


Recommended 2 bars 15mm wide x 10mm deep, 25mm apart or 1 bar 50mm wide x 10mm deep and both 15mm from tread nosing.

Bars (minimum size) 15mm wide x 10mm deep, 100mm apart. Titazel is trowelled in a plastic form into sawn or preformed grooves.
One square metre approximately when applied to flat clean surface with Titazel laid in a plastic form 2mm thick. It will adhere to concrete, terrazzo, exposed aggregate; and is suitable for large areas of mild steel chequer plate landings, ramps and other dangerous situations (area must be suitably prepared). 

Pot life at 21ºC is 40/50 minutes, at higher temperatures pot life will be shorter and at lower temperatures longer (do not install in cold weather under 15ºC, when temperature is below 21ºC,warm up tins to facilitate mixing). 

Apply to work area and leave undisturbed for 12 hours.

Requires Asbra Trowel Glide and Asbra Tread Masking Tape – HD33. 

On special request – we can offer Titazel Type STW a specially developed product for application in damp situations (STW unsuitable for bonding to metals). 


1. Suregrip Titazel Slip-Resistant Resin Abrasive Granules “A”. 2. Titazel “B” Hardener. 
3. Trowel Glide in small can. 
4. Plastic Disposable Gloves.


Standard colour is sparkling black. Other colours are available at additional cost: grey, buff, brown, terracotta, green, off white, safety yellow, (batch colours may vary and amber).

Special Note
Service factors must be taken into consideration when specifying and applying




Titazel ST Slip Resistant Resin Abrasive Granule Compound
CoveragePack No. ST-1
Treads (2 bars): (dependant on site conditions).
15mm wide x 10mm deep approximately 6 lineal metres of tread. 
12mm wide x 10mm deep approximately 7.5 metres.
Surfacing: (dependant on site conditions) Approximately 1m2 x 2mm thick.
Treads (1bar): (dependant on site conditions).
50mm wide x 10mm deep approximately 3.7 metres.

Bulk Pack ST10
Equivalent to 10 ST-1 packsAsbra Trowel Glide: 500 ml, 4 litre. 
Asbra Type HD33 Heavy Thickness Tread Masking Tape: 33 metre rolls sufficient for 5 metres of twin slip resistant bars spaced at 25mm apart or 8 metres single bar (use minimum double thickness). 

Note: Asbra Tread Masking Tape is a thicker tape, use minimum of two layers to provide the required finished height above treads. If regular masking tape is used lay up minimum 5 thicknesses or more (use smooth back tape only).
Latham Asbra Titazel Abrasive Slip Resistant Safety Tread when correctly specified and applied complies with and exceeds the slip resistant requirements of Standard AS/NZS 4586-2004 in both wet and dry conditions.

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