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Asbra SAF-T Abrasive Safety Slip Resistant Heavy Duty Industrial Surface Coating is a 2-part epoxy liquid abrasive surface coating which has been researched and developed for simple application. It is a cost effective safety coating that can be applied in minutes over concrete, metal or timber after suitable preparation of the surface. 

It is safe, tough and durable, can be used in internal and external applications. It is odourless after cure and is suitable for vehicular traffic. 

SAF-T is designed to be installed on flat floor services.

SAF-T can be considered for curved stairs when radius is tighter than can be achieved with Asbraloy or Asbrabornz curved tread. For all other applications we recommend stair tread nosings.

Cure time 12/24 hours at 25ºC. Full cure 7 days.


Depending on surface texture. When applied on flat, smooth, clean surface Standard Pack SAF-T 5 covers approximately 5 metres2.
Bulk Pack SAF-T 25 covers approximately 25 metres2.


The product can be applied using a hard roller (preferred method), brush or trowel. The application method will have an effect on the finish. 


Wash regularly with light duty solution of Latham Gold‑Chem Neutral pH Chemical Cleaner. Available in 1, 5 and 35Kg packs.


Standard SAF-T colour is safety yellow. SAF-T is available in 5 colours to accent or harmonise in most applications.

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