Asbra Flex-Tred Safety Strip

Dock Bumper and Marine Fenders

Instant, Self Adhesive, Slip Resistant Safety Surface



Easy Application

Flex-Tred is easy and quick to apply. Prepare surface, peel the backing off and stick down. It’s that simple. No messy glues or separate adhesives to work with. Flex-Tred should be applied anywhere safety is required to reduce the possibility of an accident by slipping or falling.

Technical Data

Flex-Tred is formulated of the highest quality raw materials available. Several individual layers are permanently bonded together to produce a single long lasting heavy duty slip resistant surface. The top layer of near-diamond-hard abrasive grit is secured for long life by a flexible polymeric binder, bonded to durable flexible plastic substrate. The pressure sensitive adhesive with high bonding features is protected by a poly-coated Kraft release paper.

Unique Flex-Tred construction utilising flexible polymeric materials and high quality abrasives provides outstanding slip resistance, appearance, flexibility and durability. Flex-Tred adhesive reaches maximum strength after 4 days at 210C.


Flex-Tred has been extensively tested in the USA and proven durable under a variety of adverse conditions. Flex-Tred meets or exceeds USA-ASTM-PSATC and MILITARY SPECIFICATIONS covering pressure sensitive adhesive, slip resistant coatings. Government spec MIL-D-17951C (ships), MVSS 302 (Passenger vehicles), Government spec MIL-W-5044C (aircraft).

Flex-Tred achieved a P5 slip resistance value. Latham Australia has had independent testing carried out by a NATA accredited laboratory in Accordance with AS 4586-2013 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials – Appendix A. and AS 4663:2013 Slip resistance measurement of existing pedestrian surfaces - Appendices A & B.

Environmental Resistance

Flex-Tred is a slip resistant material that produces a durable surface, defiant to most weather conditions. With careful attention to bonding Flex­­‑Tred will endure temperature extremes of -50C to 100C. Special colour formulation enables Flex‑Tred to resist fading and discolouration even after exposure to the sun for long periods of time. Although Flex-Tred can be used externally we recommend that a Asbraloy or Asbrabronz stair tread be considered, as Flex-Tred subject to wet conditions may lift and peel. It is considered suitable for temporary application in these situations.

Custom Die-cutting

Special shapes and sizes can be die-cut for a variety of applications. 

Flex-Tred Colours

Standard Flex-Tred colour is black. Flex-Tred is available in a wide range of colours to accent and harmonise in most applications.
Flex-Tred is the leader in introducing colour to the stick-down slip resistant surface market. Batch colours may vary and amber.

Flex-Tred Sizes

Standard Rolls: 
25mm wide x 18m long, 50mm wide x 18m long150mm wide x 18m long, 300mm wide x 18m long.
Tile Squares
140mm x 140mm and 90mm x 190mm.


Latham Gold‑Chem Chemical Floor Cleaner

1Kg, 5Kg, 35Kg Packs. A neutral Ph biodegradable chemical cleaner for preparing surface to take Flex-Tred. Also excellent for regular pavement maintenance – cleaning terrazzo, marble, slate, epoxy, concrete, vinyl etc.

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