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WS Series Wall Sheeting

Interior Applications - Commercial & Industrial Use

Latham WS Series Wall Sheeting offers a simple and aesthetically pleasing way to protect internal building thoroughfares. The material can be installed in full sheets or cut to custom sizes and installed as door panels, kick panels or push panels. The Latham Wall Sheeting is designed to protect areas of pedestrian traffic movement from scuffing and unsightly dirt and marks, whilst being easy to clean and virtually maintenance free. The textured finish on the wall sheeting provides a hard wearing, scuff and scratch resistant replaceable finish to compliment modern designs.

Latham WS Series Wall Sheeting has a multitude of uses and applications; it is often used as wall sheeting in hotels, airports, hospitals, clinics, schools, gyms, kindergartens and many other applications. Latham Wall Sheeting can even be installed curved for wall and column applications for diameters greater than 600mm.

Latham WS Series Wall Sheeting is available in standard sizes of 2400mm x 1200mm sheets at 2mm thick. The material is supplied for site cutting to the required sizes, which can be simply done by purchasing the specially designed WS Series hand cutting tool the ‘LATSNAP’, or alternately with more care the material can be cut on a circular saw or jig with a fine tungsten carbide blade.
Latham WS Series Wall Sheeting can be adhered to most wall surfaces using the specially designed Latham Titazel Wall Grip. The material is suitable to just be adhered on the wall and left as is, or colour matched edge and jointing profiles can be supplied with the Latham WS Series Wall Sheeting range. The profiles are supplied in 2400mm length and are available in the following profiles.

Type LFS Finishing Strip
The Latham LFS Finishing Strip offers a neat and effective way to start and finish the wall sheeting these can be used both vertically and horizontally.

Type LVJS Vertical Joiner Strip
The Latham LVJS Vertical Joiner Strip, is used as a neat and presentable junction between 2 or more sheets.

Type LICS Inside Corner
The Latham LICS Inside Corner Strip offers a neat and effective detail for internal corners, between 2 sheets.

Type LOCS Outside Corner

The Latham LOCS Outside Corner Strip offers a neat and effective detail for external corners, between 2 sheets. We recommend that PCG and CG corner guards be considered in conjunction or in place of the LOCS Outside Corner Strip

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