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The Latham HR-45 Series Hand Rail
The Latham HR-45 Series Hand Rail is slim and attractive whilst offering safety & protection of the building occupants & the building itself. The HR-45 Series Hand Rail offers safety for the pedestrian traffic through corridors etc, whilst offering limited protection from wheeled traffic like wheelchairs, beds, carts, chairs and trolleys. The high impact textured cover snuggly fits over the continuous aluminum section. The new HR-45PIV pivoting section allows the system to simply follow changes in height that would be associated with stairs, ramps and landings without the need to use individual runs of hand rail increasing public safety.

The system should be considered for use in conjunction with CG Series Corner Guards, BR Series Bump Rails and WS Series Wall Sheeting. End closures, internal and external corners are available with the system.

General Information
The Latham HR-45 Series Hand Rail is supplied in 3000mm lengths for site cutting to the required dimensions. Each 3000mm length is supplied with 7 wall brackets for installation 75mm from each end of the hand rail extrusion and at 475mm centres. If shorter lengths are required additional wall brackets can be purchased, these should be installed at 75mm from each end of the run and at a maximum of 500mm centres. The quantity of end closures/wall returns, internal, and external corners should be calculated and ordered with the hand rail section. For fixing/installation details contact Latham Australia.