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Wall Protection Systems

Wall protection systems and sheeting

Latham hand rails, bump rails, illuminated railing and wall protection guards

Australian owned, designed and manufactured

Latham’s extensive range of wall protection guards and sheeting has been designed to suit both indoor and outdoor applications. Our products provide a functional and aesthetically appealing solution for locations exposed to pedestrian and vehicular movement.

Latham’s range is remotely dimmable and adaptable to any time of day or to differing light conditions.

The need for wall guard protection and safety railing

Without proper wall guard protection systems and hand rails installed, which comply with Australian standards, a building is susceptible to:

  • unsightly damage due to bumps and scuffs from wheeled traffic, sharp objects or furniture;

  • rapid deterioration of wall surfaces, beyond normal wear and tear of the building;

  • costly repairs in order to maintain wall surfaces in good condition;

  • pedestrian injury caused through contact with unprotected surfaces;

  • snags to personal equipment and clothing through contact with rough or broken wall surfaces.

Latham systems for wall guard protection

Lathams is well known for our wall guard protection systems and safety hand rails, and over the years these products have become synonymous with construction safety and quality.

We provide solutions to minimise the risk of serious damage to corners and walls caused by bumps from wheeled traffic like wheelchairs, beds, carts and trolleys. We also provide hand rail systems which offer protection to pedestrians, and minimise risk of injury and liability.

Hand rails

Hand rails enhance public safety in areas where slippery or steep footing exist, or on flat surfaces where those with vision impairment or disability may require extra guidance.

To provide further support for those with reduced vision, Latham have developed a series of purpose-designed illuminated hand and bump rails, which offer additional safety benefits by increasing visibility in areas of pedestrian thoroughfare. Ideal for installation in hospitals and nursing homes, Latham’s illuminated hand and bump rails are also useful in venues with low lighting such as bars, nightclubs or restaurants.

By reducing the likelihood of accidents or injury, handrails also lower the risk of litigious action against building owners as a result of mishaps.

Read more about our range of hand rails here.

Bump rails

Lathams range of bump rails have been engineered to effectively absorb the shock of impact to a wall if it is struck by an external object. Our products distribute impact load across wide distances, which minimises harm to wall fixings and impact to objects.

Read more about our range of bump rails here.

Wall protection guards

Wall protection sheeting is an attractive means of covering surfaces most frequently exposed to pedestrian traffic and movement of objects. Like a second skin, Latham’s wall sheeting provides a layer of protection against scuffs and scratches caused by movement and knocks from small objects. In the case where accidents happen, dirt and scuff marks can be easily removed without the need for repair or replacement.

Our wall protection guards are hard wearing and durable, while still complementing any existing decor and architectural design.

Available in full sheets or cut to custom sizes and installed as door panels, kick panels or push panels. For more information on our range click here.

Corner guards

Latham’s wall system corner guards provide high impact protection to 90° corners in wall surfaces. This system is available in any custom length you require for your application.

For more information on Latham corner guards click here.

Latham products are independently tested and certified to comply with Australian building and construction standards.