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Entry mats and frames

Latham entry mats and frames — for commercial and industrial applications

Wholly Australian made and owned

Latham have been designing and manufacturing the highest quality entry mats and frames  for over 30 years. Our range is specifically engineered to facilitate dirt and water control. Research indicates that 70% of the dirt, dust and moisture which enters a building is introduced via pedestrian and wheeled traffic. Unless a suitable flooring system is installed at entry points to manage the spread of dirt, dust and moisture, this can lead to:

  • unsightly dirt marks and stains to floor surfaces, leading to increased cleaning and maintenance costs;

  • damage and early wear on floor finishes;

  • a reduction in the lifespan of the building; and,

  • increased risk of pedestrian safety issues such as slips or falls, which can lead to liability.

Lathams catalogue of architectural flooring solutions includes a range adaptable dirt and moisture control systems which have been specifically created for commercial and high traffic building entrances in the Australian environment.

Features and applications

Latham’s aluminium entry mats consist of extruded aluminium tread rails which carry factory installed infill. We can provide abrasive infill mats for slip resistance, as well as carpeted and vinyl mats for dirt control. The products in our range can be matched to complement surrounding decor and construction materials.  

Latham entry mat systems are continuously hinged with neoprene joints, which serve to reduce traffic noise and rattling from movement. The unique neoprene hinge design used in our roll up entry mats acts to eliminate metal to metal contact and corrosion lock up.

Factory perforated, 12mm x 4mm elongated slots punched into the neoprene hinges ensure that dirt, moisture and debris is directed under the mat ― safely and discreetly ― for future collection. To clean, the mats are simply vacuumed over or rolled back to remove collected soil and moisture from beneath.

While other entrance mat systems may remove moisture and dirt from shoes, without the unique slot design incorporated into Latham entry mats these contaminants will still be tracked across the mat and onto the floor.


Latham entry mats and frames are ideal for doorways, passageways and foyers in any public building — including apartment complexes, offices, hotels, retail shops and shopping centres, cafe, bars and restaurants, schools, hospitals and educational institutions.

Recess mounted entry mats and frames

The preferred safety device for floor surfaces exposed to high levels of pedestrian traffic, Latham’s recess mounted entry mats and frames sit flush with the surrounding floor finish.

Lathams recommend our recessed mounted entry mats be installed in combination with our purpose-built entry mat frames. This protects the floor finishes from any damage resulting from pedestrian and wheeled traffic, or other wear from objects that may harm the exposed floor finish edge. Latham can also supply block out or cast-in frames (see here for more information) to complement an entry mat system.

Surface mounted entry mats and frames

For use in areas where recessed entry mats and frames are not suitable, and for retrofit applications.

Lathams surface mounted entry mats and frames feature ramped or tapered edges on all four sides. This allows traffic to approach from any direction without the risk of tripping over the raised mat surface.

Where mats to be installed between two walls, they can be supplied with front and back tapered strips only.

Additional information

For applications where recessed mats will be installed in direct sunlight, accommodations must be made for possible linear expansion of metal components. In this situation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team for assistance in selecting the appropriate product.

Custom entry mats are also available ― simply contact our team for more details.

For further detail on the styles, colours and finishes available in the Latham entry mat and frame range see here.

Specifications and ordering details for the Latham range of entry mats and frames are available here.