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Asbra SAF-T Safety Surface Coating

Asbra SAF-T Safety Abrasive Slip Resistant Surface Coating is a liquid abrasive surface coating which has been researched and developed for simple application. It is a cost effective safety coating that can be applied in minutes over concrete, metal or timber after suitable preparation of the surface. It is safe, tough and durable, can be used in internal and external applications and is odourless after cure.

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Asbra Titazel ST Trowelable Resin

Latham Asbra Titazel ST is a commercial application heavy duty slip resistant trowelable resin abrasive granule for floor surfacing, tread surfacing and tread bars. It is supplied standard in Suregrip Sparking Black, with the option at additional cost for special colours.

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Asbra Flex-Tred Safety Strip

For light duty and temporary commercial applications use Flex-Tred general purpose, mineral coated, adhesive backed, pressure sensitive, slip resistant surfacing tape and accessories.

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Asbra Suregrip Paving Grain

Suregrip Slip Resistant Paving Grain Pure Silicon Carbide Mineral Granules specially treated, crushed, washed, classified and graded to ensure uniformity for effective application.

Manufactured for the concrete, terrazzo and building industries.

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Asbra Mall Bars

For ramps, tiles and cement topping only.
Not recommended for installation in rebated grooves in marble, granite, stone, terrazzo or timber treads where metal supported products or Titazel ST Trowelable Resin Safety Tread should be considered.

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Asbra Aluminium Clad Abrasive Studs

Aluminium Clad Abrasive Studs are clad with approximately 2mm thick aluminium. They are 10mm deep and available in a range of colours for insertion into predrilled holes in timber, concrete or stone.

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