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English and European Style Tungsten Carbide Stone Carving Chisels

Latham European and English stone carving chisels are available in 2 types. For soft stone usage and for soft and hard stone (universal) usage. Stone working products are only for Pacific Rim distribution.

Soft stones are marble, limestone, onyx, sandstone and slate. Hard stones are granite, tracite, malamite and basalt.

Mallet Head chisels are normally used on softer stones with a high density nylon mallet. Hammer Head chisels (sometimes known as Cup Head) are used on harder stones and should be used with a dummy mallet or lump hammer.

Chisels are supplied presharpened, and do not need to be sharpened before use. Resharpen using a suitable green silicon carbide wheel only. For fine honing on site a Diamond Hand Whetstone or a green silicon carbide hand block should be used.

Tungsten Carbide, with which some products are tipped, is a  combination of powders, not a steel.
The tip will definitely break in one form or another if used incorrectly or in the following manner:
•   forget to sharpen the tool regularly
•   use the corner of the tool only
•   use the tool to remove material of less width than the width of the tip
•   use the tool as a lever
•   hit the tool to hard
•   grind/sharpen on a wheel or stone other than of green silicon carbide
•   use any method of cooling during and after grinding/sharpening.

At no time do the manufacturers use faulty materials and all tools have to pass thorough inspection during the various stages of manufacturer and finally before shipment. It is an economic impossibility to replace or repair broken tools free of charge, therefore it is in the best interest of the user to take great care in the use of the tools. Examine all tools before use relative to transit damage.

Stone working products are only for Pacific Rim distribution.

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