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Entry Mats & Frames Specifications

A series of aluminium tread rails are spaced at 50mm centres and connected by a continuous neoprene hinge with uniform perforations to allow the effective control of water and small debris. Treads to run counter to walking direction, with tread surfaces to be either carpet, abrasive or vinyl. Available in recessed style for installation into surround frame, or surface mounted.

Tread Rails and recessed frame to be fabricated of 6063-T6 alloy in clear anodised finish. Optional finishes - standard clear anodised, bright gold anodised and bronze anodised.

Available Tread Surfaces


Tread rails shall be 100% nylon fibre face. Carpet unitary fusion bonded to guard against fraying, delamination or moisture penetration. Carpet to be positively locked into extruded aluminium tread rails.  Colours to be selected from Latham Australia’s standard colour range.


Tread Rails shall have continuous Latham Supagrit™ Slip Resistant Abrasive surface. Colours to be selected from Latham Australia’s standard colour range.


Tread Rails shall have continuous Latham Ribbed Vinyl surface. Colours to be selected from Latham Australia’s standard colour range.

Mat Frames
Mat frames must be level filled to mat depth with levelling compound or cement mix. Mat must be fully supported on a level surface. For correct installation mat frame should be delivered with mat

Special Note

Where recessed mats are to be installed in direct sunlight special consideration should be given to the thermal coefficient of linear expansion of the metal, which is approximately 0.25mm per lineal metre of metal per 10 degrees Celsius in temperature change of the metal (note temperature change in the metal surface can be as dramatic 50ºC+ depending on the location). All mats will be manufactured under frame size when Latham's supply the frame.  Generally, the mat will be 3-4mm smaller than the internal frame size to allow for fitting and cleaning.  This will be increased for larger mats to allow for linear expansion of the metal.  In these direct sunlight applications, Lathams also recommend the selection of Slip Resistant Abrasive or Dirt Control Carpet infill as the Vinyl insert has a much higher propensity to expand and contract.  Please discuss with your Latham representative.  

Vacuum for dirt control. Wash carpet, abrasive and vinyl with Latham Gold-Chem Mat Wash 22XX.
Note: Mats must be rolled up before moving, they must not be dragged.