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Asbra Aluminium Clad Studs

Interior & Exterior Applications

Aluminium Clad Abrasive Studs are clad with approximately 2mm thick aluminium. They are 10mm deep and available in a range of colours for insertion into predrilled holes in timber, concrete or stone.

The systems have Latham Standard Slip Resistant Silicon Carbide Mineral Inserts for safety. Where these are being considered for installation on stairs as a slip resistant treatment. We suggest that the studs are installed no further apart than 50mm to ensure that the pedestrians foot is on a stud at all times.


The Aluminium Clad Abrasive Studs should be installed using Titazel Thixotropic adhesive. Any timber to accept studs should be presealed. 

Stud Configurations
Studs Width Depth

AAS-15 15mm 10mm
AAS-25 25mm 10mm
AAS-50 50mm 10mm
AAS-75 75mm 10mm
AAS-100 100mm 10mm
Standard colour is sparkling black. Optional Supagrit colours available at extra cost. Colours are indicative only.

sparkling blackÔÇôstandard LRV 4.45brown LRV 6.19off white LRV 35.67
terracotta LRV 8.33cactus green LRV 11.58silver grey LRV 18.17
buff LRV 21.15teal LRV 15.49blue grey LRV 16.71
teak LRV 12.31blue LRV 7.51safety yellow LRV 22.69
lumo luminescent glow-in-the-dark LRV 38.75


Special Note
Service factors must be taken into consideration when selecting tread and mall bar width, duty and installation configuration.

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