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What tools do I need if I want to cut the nosings and drill the holes at site?
Latham's manufacture Abrasive Cutting Discs, designed for a drop saw with a maximum speed of 3,300 RPM. The blades are 350mm in diameter and have a bore size of 25.4mm. Drilling holes can be achieved using a 4mm tungsten carbide drill bit and this should be drilled through the silicon carbide. The drill should be on spin only, not hammer drill. Once the hole is made the top of the hole can be countersunk to suit your fixing requirement using a countersink drill. It is also possible to cut the treads by hand using a hacksaw. Latham's do not recommend the treads are cut with a tungsten cutting blades as the silicon carbide with wear these style of blades out in a few cuts.In our experience, having Latham's supply nosings cut to size including holes, screws and plugs achieves a far more professional finish and proves more economical.


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