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English and European Style Tungsten Carbide Stone Mason Tools


Latham’s range of European and English stone mason tools are designed for splitting, shaping and trimming stone. The tool range covers every type of use from roughing out large sculptures or splitting boulders to create traditional stone walls.

The tool range is available in two types: for soft stone carving; and for carving both soft and hard stone (universal usage). Soft stones include marble, limestone, onyx, sandstone and slate. Hard stone types include granite, tracite, malamite and basalt.

Mallet Head chisels are normally used on softer stones with a high density nylon mallet. Hammer Head chisels (sometimes known as Cup Head) are used on harder stones and should be used with a dummy mallet or lump hammer. All Latham’s stone mason tools pass a thorough inspection during various stages of manufacture as well as prior to shipment.


Tungsten Carbide Tipped Stone Cutting Tools

Latham’s stone cutting products include tungsten carbide tipped tools, which consist of tungsten carbide tips inserted into high carbon tool steels. Tungsten carbide tips out-perform regular heat treated steel tools many times over and are the tool of choice for professional stone masons and for any large stone masonry project. 

When using tungsten carbide tipped tools, it is important that they be used properly to prevent breakage of the tips. Breakage can occur if: the tool is not sharpened regularly; only the corner of the tip is used, the tool is used as a lever, is hit too hard; sharpened on a wheel or stone other than of green silicon carbide; or any method of cooling is used during or after grinding/sharpening.


Chisel and Mallet Product Range

Latham’s range includes a wide variety of chisels and mallets. For hard stones, Mallet Head masons chisels are ideal for general roughing out work. For letter cutting and sculpture carving, Hammer Head chisels should be used with a dummy mallet or lump hammer. Pneumatic chisel heads are also available including Claw (Tooth), Point, Bush Hammer Head, and Scutchcomb Holders.

For softer stones, Fishtail chisels facilitate carving and sculpture work where the carver is looking to prevent the tool becoming wedged in the stone. Mallet Head chisels are suitable for letter cutting and sculpture and should be used in combination with a wooden mallet. Latham’s mallet range also includes Dummy Mallets, made from malleable iron in 450gms, 675gms, and 900gms weights and Nylon High Density Mallets available in 75mm (410gm), 50mm ( 575gm), 125mm (1100gm), and 150mm (1500gm) sizings.


Other Stone Carving Tools and Accessories 

All chisels are supplied pre-sharpened and do not need to be re-sharpened before use, however sharpening stones are also available. When sharpening, a suitable green silicon carbide wheel only should be used. For fine honing, a Diamond Hand Whetstone or a green silicon carbide hand block should be used.

The tool range for carving stone also includes Pugs and Feathers for drill sizes 25mm or 300mm and Hammer Head Punches and Hammer Head Nickers for use with both hard or soft stones. The Hammer Head Nickers are ideal for general roughing out work. 

At no time do the manufacturers use faulty materials. All tools have to pass thorough inspections during the various stages of the manufacturing and once again before shipment. It is economically impossible to replace or repair broken tools free of charge, therefore it is in the best interest of the user to take great care in the use of the tools. Examine all tools before use relative to transit damage.

Stone tool products are only for distribution in Australia and the South Pacific Region.

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