LDT Series Light Duty Re-Surfaceable

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The Latham Re-Surfaceable Slip Resistant Stair Tread Nosings combine Latham Flex-Tred Slip Resistant Tape with aluminium extrusions. This ensures a superior fixing is achieved, as compared to that of tape on tile or concrete etc.

The LDT System can be installed over most new and existing surfaces, including tile, concrete, vinyl, stone, timber and carpet. The LDT1 series contain one 50mm wide visual Flex-Tred strip, whilst the LDT2 series contain two 25mm wide visual Flex-Tred strips. This allows for different Flex-Tred colours to be inserted in both front and back strips if required.

Service factors should be considered when selecting these nosings over the Asbraloy and Asbrabronz heavier duty systems.

Latham Re-Sufaceable Stair Tread Nosings come in 4 profiles which are available in Asbra Aluminium (standard) mill finish. Standard lengths are 4600mm. Flex-Tred will be supplied in rolls up to 18 metres for insertion after the treads have been fixed in place. Standard Flex-Tred colour supplied will be black unless otherwise specified.

Flex-Tred Colours
Standard Flex-Tred Colour is black. Flex-Tred is available in a wide range of colours to accent and harmonise in most applications.

Flex-Tred Technical Data
Flex-Tred is formulated of the highest quality raw materials available. Several individual layers are permanently bonded together to produce a single long lasting heavy duty slip resistant surface. The top layer of near-diamond-hard abrasive grit is secured for long life by a flexible polymeric binder, bonded to durable flexible plastic substrate.

Flex-Tred has been extensively tested and proven durable under a variety of adverse conditions. Flex-Tred meets or exceeds USA-ASTM-PSATC and military specifications covering pressure sensitive adhesive slip-resistant coatings. Government Spec MIL-D-17951C (ships), MVSS 302 (passenger vehicles), Government Spec MIL-W-5044C (aircraft).

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