INOX Series Light Duty Stainless Steel

INOX Series Light Duty Stainless Steel

Interior Commercial Application

For aesthetic and service conditions where Stainless Steel is required. 

Latham INOX Stainless Steel (Type 304 brush finish) Resilient Stair Tread Nosings are supplied with a resilient PVC insert for high quality commercial applications. They are available in a variety of styles for specific type application. Standard length is 3600mm, material is to be site cut to length. Unlike other Latham nosing products these sit proud of the surface and this should be noted in selection.

If instructed at time of ordering, some profiles can be supplied in curved sections. If specified with order the material can be supplied for site curving at extra cost. These products are available on 6 weeks delivery and are not Latham Asbra slip resistant safety products - the infill may shrink.

INOX PVC Insert Colours

INOX PVC inserts are available in a wide range of colours to accent and harmonise in most applications.


This product is not an Asbra Safety Product and does not have the same slip resistant qualities.

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