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Hand Rails

The HR-45 Hand Rail is compliant with the latest Australian Standard AS 1428.1-2009 when installed at the height set out in the Australian Standard.
The hand rail is supplied in 3000mm lengths for site cutting to the required dimensions. Each 3000mm length is supplied with 7 wall brackets for installation 75mm from each end of the hand rail extrusion and at 475mm centres.

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Hand/Bump Rails

Latham Hand/Bump Rails provide a safe and secure grip. Whether the building is a hospital, school, nursing home or retirement centre, our array of styles and colours offer design potential for any project. Latham Hand/Bump rails are made of sturdy aluminium frames with vinyl covers that are designed to withstand impact and resist breakage. A fully concealed fastening system will ensure that you get the look you want. learn more >>

Illuminated Hand/Bump Rails

Illuminated Hand/Bump Rails offer the best solution in safety and protection for the building occupants and the building itself. The safe low voltage (24V), low heat 10mm diameter light source, with bulbs at approximately 25mm centres clearly identifies the location of the hand rail in areas of low light. It reduces the requirement of bright overhead lighting at night, reducing greenhouse emissions and lowering costs, whilst offering less harsh surroundings at night particularly in areas where people may be sleeping like nursing homes, hospital wards, dormitories, boarding houses etc.

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Bump Rails

Latham Bump Rails add a versatile design component to any new or existing project – from hotels to healthcare facilities. Latham Bump Rails are designed for high traffic areas, where wall damage will be caused by rolling equipment. They are mounted at primary levels of impact to provide the greatest degree of protection. By selecting from our range of styles and colours, aesthetics won’t be compromised. Latham’s wall protection is extruded to protect against nicks and scrapes.
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Corner Guards

Dented and dinged corners can ruin the look  of any design. Using Latham’s flush-mounted or surface-mounted corner guards will provide built-in protection in new construction or in existing locations. Latham’s corner guards become a creative design element while providing excellent wall protection in environments such as schools, airports or shopping centres.

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WS Series Wall Sheeting

Latham WS Series Wall Sheeting offers a simple and aesthetically pleasing way to protect internal building thoroughfares. The material can be installed in full sheets or cut to custom sizes and installed as door panels, kick panels or push panels. The Latham Wall Sheeting is designed to protect areas of pedestrian traffic movement from scuffing and unsightly dirt and marks, whilst being easy to clean and virtually maintenance free. The textured finish on the wall sheeting provides a hard wearing, scuff and scratch resistant replaceable finish to compliment modern designs.

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