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Infill Colour Range - Asbrabronz Brass

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Latham Asbra Slip Resistant Infill Colours Latham Asbra Slip Resistant Infill Colours (1027 KB)

Filled with slip resistant Suregrip and Supagrit silicon carbide mineral granules for heavy and light duty applications.

Asbrabronz solid brass Suregrip: standard infill colour is brown.
Optional Supagrit infill colours available at extra cost (batch colours may vary and amber).
Each sample shown below indicates the approximate colour and the Dry Luminous Reflective Value (LRV) for the Latham Asbrabronz infill, tested in accordance with AS 1428.1.2009. Further details relating to visual contrast and compliance can be found on the Luminance Contrast Testing page of this website..

sparkling black LRV 13.66brown–standard      LRV 19.55off white LRV 37.67
terracotta LRV 20.92cactus green LRV 24.02silver grey LRV 27.25
buff LRV 27.52teal LRV 25.86blue grey LRV 26.44
teak LRV 24.18blue LRV 21.56safety yellow LRV 30.57
lumo luminescent glow-in-the-dark LRV 40.82

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